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EOS Implementer

Nathen Fox

Professional EOS Implementer/Business Advisor

For the last 30 years, I have worked alongside entrepreneurs building their teams, creating practices and systems, and developing strategies to help them realize their vision and goals. It has been my honor to be a part of these companies to create, protect, maintain or increase profitability and enterprise value.  Throughout these partnerships, during my involvement, we have created over $300MM in value.

My first entrepreneurial venture grew from zero to $17MM in 2 years, and today, they continue to grow and prosper. In working with over 25 companies during my career, I have sat in every seat, holding roles in sales, operations, finance, human resources and IT. I’ve experienced the wins and the losses, the sleepless nights and the satisfaction of seeing dreams realized. These varied vantage points have assisted me in seeing the holistic structure that is an organization or company.  We excelled because we could see and address their strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome challenges and obstacles so that the companies thrived.

In 2016, I decided to take all my knowledge and build a model that could help entrepreneurial organizations. After looking into this, I found a system already aligned with my knowledge and vision. EOS is a complete system with a proven record of success that achieves the same purposes I was seeking to fulfill. That is helping entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and get what they want from their business. So my work today, as an EOS Implementer, is to help entrepreneurs install a simple, clear system that has proven results to increase growth and profitability, and give entrepreneurs peace of mind while setting up the organization for growth and prosperity.